I created this blog in hopes to inspire and relate to other imperfect mamas who are on this journey we call motherhood, and to branch out and share ideas that I’m passionate about. Cheers to embracing the mess!

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Mom Guilt: Leaving Your Baby at Daycare

Hi everyone! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted because going back to work has kept me busier than I thought. Since being back at work this subject has been heavy on my mind. Why is it that we as mothers are made to feel guilty for going back to work and “missing out” on precious […]

The Essential Hospital Bag Checklist

When I was about 8 weeks away from having my son, I was so excited that I already had my hospital bag packed and ready to go. Well, two hospital bags… I ended up WAY overpacking (like I always do) so I have now narrowed down my list to things that were actually useful. Looking […]

Managing a Daily Workout with an Infant — How I Lost 13 lbs Doing This

In an absolute perfect world, my son would take a glorious two-hour nap while I squeeze in cardio and a full-body workout before making myself the perfect healthy meal. In reality — I am exhausted from being up 2-3 times a night, need two cups of coffee to start my day, eat a quick “breakfast,” […]


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